"Oceanum"Latin derivative and broadly meaning the "ocean that surrounds all the land."

The company name encapsulates breadth, depth and diversity and this is precisely what Oceanum delivers to the international business world.

From swift intervention and business triage working with you to address urgent issues all the way through to term executive and non-executive involvement and participation, Oceanum is driven by your business need whether at project, business unit, business or group level.

Commercial, contractual, operational, business development, restructuring, M&A or strategic planning, Oceanum provides you with holistic coverage and the ability to draw upon discrete cost effective solutions meeting your precise requirements.

Robin Kirkpatrick

Principal’s Bio

A wealth of experience arising from natural progression through management, senior management, director, non-executive director and chief executive positions in diverse companies.

Broad experience in running, managing, growing and developing businesses across different countries, cultures and environments.

Industry highs and lows over many years have provided an insight into what works and, more importantly, what does not work when trying to run or develop a successful business in boom, bust and changing times. The application of ‘lessons learned’ always provides powerful benefit.

Commercial, contractual, operational, analytical, tactical, strategic, pragmatic, mentor, executive, non-executive, technology advocate, champion, enabler and leader.

Making Your Business Better.