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Effective Business and Project Triage Solutions

Progress slipping against plan, targets not being met, covenants being broken, cash flow pressure, market share sliding, service levels slipping – such situations all require urgent ‘triage’ intervention.

Financial Turnaround and Restructuring

Early intervention resulting in financial turnaround can often reduce the probability of any restructuring being necessary but if it is, we can help.

Contracting and Supply Chains

Line of sight strategy and the transformation of this into reality via sound supply chain contracts are the foundation of commercial success for all stakeholders.

Client, Contractor and Staff Engagement

Regular, clear and objective engagement via effective communications is key to delivering any business or project strategy. We take pride in our ability to deliver this.

Measure, Review, Update and Revisit

Plans are important but an objective and timely review process is essential. We can help such a review process by devoting time that business and project managers cannot. Our independent objectivity can also be applied to flag and address any issues arising.

Expert Advice. Impartial, Objective and Balanced

Regardless of business and project team competence, high pressure situations always benefit from impartial input.

Using Oceanum

There are many reasons why your business would benefit from the services of an independent consultant.

Our Methodology

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    A picture paints a thousand words and arguably many more when that same picture contains clear financial information. http://www.bourbonoffshore.com/en/bourbon-financial-information-3rd-quarter-and-9-months-2018 I have long had a healthy respect for Bourbon Offshore, the way it grew it’s business, the way it structured that business and the manner in which it worked hard to optimise OPEX at a time

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    No matter whether running a private or a public company, there is always a balance to be struck regarding the quantity of information and detail behind that information in terms of sharing. Regulatory obligations naturally ‘trump’ all other aspects as compliance with reporting requirements is just that, obligatory.However at another level entirely, one I would

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    Do I have your attention? Good! I’m delighted to announce that I’ve recently joined the team at VROC www.vroc.ai as non executive director. What a fantastic story the VROC team has to tell and it has much more coming. Upstream, downstream, renewables, marine or ports, in fact any process at all generating data – VROC

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